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Memory Matters Hub

You can access our FREE Activity Worksheets by clicking here.

If you are:

  • living with the challenges of Alzheimer’s or dementia
  • unsure about what your condition means and would like a better understanding
  • looking for support to continue living the life you choose
  • interested in taking control of your life with positive therapies that make a difference

Or you are:

  • waiting for a Memory Clinic assessment or follow-up
  • worried about your memory or someone you know
  • looking for ways to keep your brain healthy and lower your risk of dementia

…we are here to help.

Our welcoming Hub area upstairs at Moments Café is where you can find information, advice and support. It’s a place where we can sit and spend time with you, talk through your situation and its challenges and work together to find ways to make your life feel positive again. There is nothing ‘formula’ about what we offer – you are uniquely individual and we respond to that.

I can’t imagine what life would be like for families living with dementia if you weren’t here. – JF

Our team is available anytime between Monday to Friday for a 20-minute drop-in chat and we always listen with compassion. We help you identify the main challenges you are facing and how you would like your life to be. If we can’t provide what you need immediately, we will arrange a 1-hour follow up appointment where you can talk things through in more depth with a member of our team.

Our aim is to work with you on an Action Plan with all the information you need to take positive steps towards a future that feels optimistic, uplifted and supported.

And to make sure you NEVER FEEL ALONE.


Organisations  are  invited  to  hire  out  our  meeting/training  space  –  it  is  bright  and  comfortable  and  a  great  space  to  share  with  your  colleagues.  We  have  a  fabulous  meeting  /training  room.  This  room  can  be  hired  hourly,    half  a  day  or  the  whole  day.  We  can  provide  a  variety  of  delicious  snacks  and  lunches  to  accompany  your  meeting. 

You  can  even  hire  our  whole  site  for  your  event  in  the  evenings  or  Sundays! If  you  have  an  event  you  would  like  to  hold  at  Moments,  get  in  touch. 

We  also  have  smaller  consultation  rooms  to  hire  too–  from  a  two    person  private  room  to  a  four  person  private  room.  The  added  benefit  to  this  space  is  that  by  hiring  you  are  supporting  those  living  with  dementia!

To  download  Room  Booking  Information  -  Visit  the  News  Page  and  download  our  Hub  Pack  which  will  have  all  the  info  required  to  book  a  room. 

To  access  these  rooms  please  contact  or  01752  219810.